Another Heart To Feed – West Didsbury

coffee shop - another heart to feed

Another Heart To Feed is the latest addition to the West Didsbury food scene. It’s a laid back, Melbourne inspired coffee shop and brunch spot. It has recently re-located from Chapel Street in Salford and can now be found on Burton Road, West Didsbury.

I’d first spotted Another Heart To Feed on Instagram. There was a particular picture of a golden brown bagel, with cream cheese oosing out of it, topped up with crispy bacon that grabbed my attention. That bagel had to be mine.

So, on a particularly wintry Wednesday afternoon (hail stones were involved) we took a wander down Burton Road to find that bagel.

another heart to feed - west didsbury (2)

Another Heart To Feed is located in the West Village bar, it confused us slightly at first as we walked straight passed it, not realising this was the case! But after walking back up Burton Road, a chalk board outside pointed us the right direction. We arrived just after 1pm and the place was packed, we were greeted with smiles and seated just in front of the bar.

another heart to feed - west didsbury (4)

I love it when you take a look at the menu and can see that all the food is locally sourced. Bread from Levenshulme, tea from Chorlton, Brownies from Ardwick, eggs and fruit from Cheshire. Another Heart To Feed is proud to support local businesses and want to run their coffee shop with minimal impact on the enviroment. The plates you eat off are made locally in Burnley. The menu is made from 100% recycled paper and all take out coffee cups, containers and straws are 100% compostable. Doesn’t it make you feel good!

menu - another heart to feed

We started off with some small batch coffee and a big bottle of water.

another heart to feed - west didsbury (3)another hea

We were advised before ordering that there may be  a 15-20 minute wait on food. Which was very thoughtful of our server, in case we were in a rush. We weren’t, and happily sipped on our coffees. Our food arrived in under 15 minutes.

brunch manchester - another heart to feedToasted bagel with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Very satisfying according to my friend Sophie, it did look delicious.

another heart to feed - manchesteranother heart to feed - west didsbury (9)

And my toasted bagel with cream cheese and crispy bacon, I was not disappointed. Mountains of cream cheese in a perfectly toasted bagel, with lovely crisp, thick bacon. Just what I needed after battling the hail stones on the walk down from Withington. And then more coffee, this time a latte.

another heart to feed - west didsbury (10)

After we’d finished, most to the lunchtime rush had dissipated, so took the opportunity to get some shots of the venue.

another heart to feed - west didsbury (18)another heart to feed - west didsbury (17)another heart to feed - west didsbury (14)another heart to feed - west didsbury (15)manchester - west didsburyanother heart to feed - west didsbury (1)

I certainly recommend Another Heart To Feed, we had a great brunchtime, service was prompt and polite, the food was lovely, and the general ethos of the company is admirable. They are open Wednesday-Friday 8am-3pm and Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm. It’s walk-in only so just be aware of this when planning a visit.

Another Heart To Feed – West Village, 220 Burton Road, West Didsbury, M20 2LW

Where’s your favourite Brunch spot? Let me know in the comments!


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