Essential Skincare: Amphora Aromatics Review

amphora aromatics - festival beauty (3)

One of the best things about blogging is discovering new brands and trying out new products. A couple of weeks a go, I was sent some skin and hair care products to try out from Amphora Aromatics, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatherapy sundries. I was very excited to try these out as I always like to keep the products I use for self maintenance as natural as possible.

Amphora Aromatics started life back in 1984 in Bristol. The founders Christine and Peter Carroll lived in a Himalayan hill town for a period of time, studying native, traditional medicine systems and associated philosophies. They decided to apply the things they had learned to setting up their own aromatherapy business, which now exports to 92 countries across the globe.


I was sent 4 products to review. The first of which was a lavender multi-purpose gel. A clear gel made from herbal extracts and pure essential oils. It’s ingredients include soothing and calming Lavender, a great anti-inflammatory. Geranium Oil, which can help to balance oil production. Calendula, which has anti-bacterial properties and Chamomile which can calm dry and itchy skin. I used it as an after-sun treatment and found it soothed my skin very quickly. I also gave it to one of my friends who suffers from psoriasis, and it helped to sooth her skin also. Costing just £6.96 for a 50ml bottle. Highly recommended!


Next up is the Botanical Boost Shampoo Bar with Frankincense, Rose and Argan Oil. I’ve been using this for roughly 2 weeks and it still pretty looks the same size as when I first got it. It’s said to last twice as long as a 250ml bottle of regular shampoo, judging from how little it’s shrunk since I’ve got it, I’d say it will last much longer. It lathers up very nicely and leaves my hair bouncy and rejuvenated. At just £5.94 it’s an absolute bargain.

amphora aromatics - festival beauty (4)These Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Cleansing Body Care Wet Wipes smell absolutely divine and are so refreshing! Great for festivals and when you’re on the go, especially with this recent heatwave. I’ve already finished my pack –  they’re currently on a special offer at £2.64 for a pack of 25.


Last, but by no means least is probably my favourite product from the selection that I was sent to try out. This frankincense and rose toner is literally a game changer for my skin. Made from a mixture of rose water, frankincense, witch hazel, honey suckle, pomegranate and oat kernel extract – this toner calms my skins redness and leaves it supply and ready for moisturising. It smells incredible and comes with a spray top, you only use it tiny amount, so it will be long lasting too. It’s £7.98 for a 150ml bottle, I’ve only used a tiny bit in the 2 weeks I’ve been testing it out. I would expect it to last at least a month.

Thanks so much to Amphora Aromatics for sending me these goodies to try, I was so impressed with the quality of these products and can’t wait to try out more from the range.

Have you guys tried any of Amphora Aromatics products? I’d love to hear your recommendations.


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