Cibo, Manchester

italian in manchester

A few nights a go, I had the pleasure of being invited to Cibo, a wonderful Italian restaurant in Manchester City Centre. Located just opposite the Hilton on Liverpool Street, Cibo offers up a relaxed, intimate dining environment with a menu that focuses on fresh ingredients, with extra Italian heart and soul.

Bought to you by the team behind Don Giovanni’s, which let’s be honest is somewhat of a Manchester institution – you’ll certainly be in good hands. Let’s get stuck in….good italian in manchestermanchester italian restaurant

We started with a classic cheesy garlic bread to share which was a very generous size and was probably a bit ambitious for just the 2 of us. It could have easily satisfied 4. But we managed it, don’t you worry!

Cibo Manchester - Italian Restaurant (3)Cibo Manchester - Italian Restaurant (4)Cibo Manchester - Italian Restaurant (5)

This was followed by some delicious starters.

I’ve always been a big fan of calamari, so always try to have it whenever I see it on a menu. The calamari at Cibo’s was lovely and fresh, lightly battered with a tangy tartare sauce. Chris tried the Rape E Fagaeole, which I would describe as an Italian sausage casserole, with broadbeans and broccoli, I think some spinach may have snuck in there too. It was really tasty and came with homemade bread to mop up the precious juices. Highly recommended!

Cibo Manchester - Italian Restaurant (7)Cibo Manchester - Italian Restaurant (8)

For our main course we both went for pasta. How can you resist when it’s freshly prepared on site. I went for a massive bowl of tube pasta, with smoked salmon, dill and pink peppercorns. Served a creamy sauce with a touch of tomato – so satisfying!


Chris decided on the homemade lobster ravioli, huge squares of freshly cooked pasta, packed with lobster meat. Served in a creamy lobster bisque with fresh chilli. The chilli is quite strong, so it’s perfect if you’re a fan of spice!

Cibo Manchester - Italian Restaurant (13)Cibo Manchester - Italian Restaurant (14)

Cibo Manchester - Italian Restaurant (15)

We finished the meal by splitting a tiramisu, a decadent layered construction of savoiardi biscuits, coffee liquor and super creamy mascarpone mousse. And trying to be as authentically Italian as I could, I washed this all down with a double espresso – does wonders for digestion so I’m told.

A huge thanks to Cibo for inviting us down to try out their menu – the service and food were excellent, I would highly recommend it!


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