Mouse Reviews :

(Disclaimer: the kind folks at sent these products to us for free in exchange for an honest review, as Mouse has been enjoying the fish scales so much I intend to continue buying these once we have finished this pack) review (1)

Hey guys, I know how much you all enjoyed a recent blog post about my lil’ husky Mouse, getting a bath. So thought I’d share another snippet from this pretty little pooch’s life. This time we’re reviewing some food from the online pet shop  – 

We were sent two lovely packages of Grain Free Dog Food from the kind folks at  – as you can see, Mouse was intrigued by what was inside. review (10)

First we opened up the whitefish skin cubes: a fantastic little treat packed with protein and freshly prepared in Cornwall, using sustainable fish. They’re also low in fat, hypo-allergic and super crunchy – to keep that tartar under control.

These really are Mouse’s new favourite treat! As soon as the packet was opened she  started sniffing and nudging, keen to get her snout in the packet to take in the fishy goodness. review (14) review (7) review (19) review (16) review (13)

Crunch, crunch, crunch. review (22) review (23) review (15)

Next on the menu was some complete dog food, 100% natural ingredients, 50% of which is salmon and trout, 26% is sweet potato – and it’s grain free!

I’ve been introducing this complete dog food slowly into Mouse’s diet over the past week. But as you can see by her first impressions, it went down well too. Now that she’s only eating grain-free food, her coat feels softer and the extra fibre from the sweet potato seems to be keeping her regular. review (24) review (25) review (4) review (3)

I found the whole experience with very good. Our products were dispatched promptly and we received an automated email notifying us of this. This email also included a link to how we could track the order. It was delivered the next day.


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