Beef and Pudding 2nd Birthday Brunch Bash

beef and pudding 4

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited along to Beef and Pudding‘s 2nd Birthday Brunch Bash in Manchester city centre. I’d always wanted to try Beef and Pudding since it’s launch as I used to work very close by, but had never got round to it. So when they got in touch to say they were having a Birthday brunch and celebrating the launch of their Bloody Mary buffet, it seemed like the perfect time to finally get acquainted.

We were greeted with some truly Manc inspired cocktails consisting of Vimto and fizz!

beef and pudding manchester

And then moved on to the first variation of Beef and Puddings take on the Bloody Mary. Made with Ketel One Vodka, sweet potato, carrot juice and a fair whack of spice!

beef and pudding cocktail2

This was followed by our first taster of food for the evening – keeping with the brunch theme, we enjoyed a delicious Brunch Pud. A light suet pudding stuffed full with black pudding, pulled ham hock, onions, curry sauce and topped with a rich egg and crispy smoked bacon.

beef and pudding food

beef and pudding food3

As you can see, we were very impressed!

manchester food blogger

Almost immediately after we delved into a brunch platter, consisting of tortillas, corn beef hash, black pudding, omlette, smoked salmon and steak with sweet potato fritters.

beef and pudding2

beef and pudding food4

the manchester tart

We then tried a few more cocktails a Rhubarb Fizz – strawberry infused rhubarb liqueur, rosewater, citrus and prosecco and a much needed Espresso Martini, a very welcome pick me up after all that brunch!

cocktails beef and pudding

We finished off our time at Beef and Pudding with another variation on the Bloody Mary, this one had beetroot and kale in it, I decided I was being very healthy drinking it, if you discount all the vodka of course…..

beetroot bloody mary

beef and pudding birthday 2

beef and pudding 3

A big thanks to Beef and Pudding for inviting me along to their birthday bash. Having sampled some of their beautiful brunch menu I’ll definitely heading back to try everything else. So next time your in town struggling with the shopping crowds on a Saturday – have a wander down Fountain Street and head to Beef and Pudding for a cheeky bit of brunch, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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