Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey!

close-up eggs

Please forgive the lack of posting over the last month, I’m afraid I was a bit busy over Christmas as I moved house the first weekend in January! I trust you all had a lovely break and you are enjoying 2016 so far.

Now that I’m pretty much settled into my new home, I promise to bring you a lot more recipes and recommendations – hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I like making them!

To begin with I thought I’d share a easy-peasy recipe I tried out at the weekend. I saw a similar dish pop-up on my facebook feed, so I’ve had a go myself and made a couple of alterations.

You’ll need per person:

1 free range egg

1 slice of wholemeal bread

Pinch of garlic salt

2 slices of smoked streaky bacon

Handful of grated cheddar

Seasoning to taste – I used salt, pepper and some dried mixed herbs

Vegetable oil for greasing muffin tray/ramekin

Start by setting your oven to 180°C – chuck your bacon in. You want it halfway cooked but not crispy. I gave mine about 5 mins once the oven had warmed up.

Meanwhile grab your ramekin or muffin tin – I used the clay pots that were left from baking camembert over Christmas, grease the bottom and sides – and cut your slices of bread so they will fit into it. (Left over crusts were fed to the birds)

bread recipe

You can squidge the bread down a bit so it all fits in.

manchester food blogger

Once you’ve done this add a bit of garlic salt and a sprinkling of cheese.

manchester food blog

Get your bacon out of the oven and allow to cool for 5 mins.

bacon recipes

Then, wrap the bacon, 2 rashers per pot in my case, around the inside of the ramekin.

recipe for baked eggs

Then crack your eggs into them. Add desired seasoning – I’m adding paprika to mine next time!

baked eggs recipe

Shove them in the oven for 10-15mins – depending on how you like your yolks. Be warned I always find it really hard getting my yolks spot on! I found the best way to get a nice runny yolk is to take it out of the oven when it’s just under done – leave it for a few minutes and it will carry on cooking to perfection (see 2nd picture)

close-up eggs

baked eggs with bacon2

baked eggs with bacon1

Serve immediately with a big pot of tea!


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