Trapdoor Comedy Club at The Old Monkey


Last Wednesday evening, after a long day at work, I made my way over to The Old Monkey on Portland Street for an evening of superb comedy provided by Trapdoor Comedy Club.

This was the first time I’d been to one of Trapdoor’s comedy nights, what a fool I’ve been! I’ve missed out on some top performances from some of the most talented comics in the UK (and beyond!)

We were treated to 3 brilliant acts that evening – plus a special Christmas performance, for the bargain price of just £3.


Beginning with the lyrically and musically gifted genius of Vince Atta. Vince had the whole room howling with his mix of comedy and music, using a looper and his beatbox skills to create classic comedy hits such as “Resting Bitch Face” (which has been stuck in my head ever since) and the seasonal “Ho Ho Mutha fucka”


We were then treated to the fabulous Gina Jenkinson who had somehow managed to turn her stories of a less than ideal upbringing into genuine comedy gold – creating dark humour and an instant bond with the audience, resulting in some great improvisation which ranged from cheeky to absolutely outrageous!



We then had a special Christmas treat from some of the regulars at Trapdoor Comedy, who took part in a very special rendition of “Feed The World” chaos ensued.




Bono would have been proud.

The evening’s headline act was the instantly likeable Rob Rouse, regaling us with hilarious anecdotes about fatherhood and an eventful visit to the doctor.



P1090200 A special thanks to Tony and Sophie who run Trapdoor Comedy for inviting me along for the evening, it’s a brilliant comedy night that has most definitely gained another regular.

You can find them at The Old Monkey, The Railway and Solomons. See website for details

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