Budget Zombie: Cheap Halloween Idea


Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday. Forget your Christmas’, Easters and New Year’s – Halloween is by far the most fun. This post is a bit different than what I usually write about but I thought I’d give it a whirl and show you my Halloween zombie – done on the cheap. I have lots of fun dressing up and experimenting with different Halloween ideas, so here’s a zombie that probably set me back around £4 to put together.

I grabbed a few bits from the pound shop like fake blood, cream face paint, PVA glue and some make-up sponges. Make sure if you haven’t used certain products before you perform an allergy test first. All these products are non-toxic but it’s always worth doing a test!


The rest of the gear I needed was already in my make-up collection, but again these were very cheap and you’ll probably already have them too.

The essentials really were an eye shadow palette with some “bruise” colours in. Like yellow, green, blue, black,red and purple. You’ll also need some black eye liner, some vaseline and an eyebrow pencil if you’re lacking in that area like I am.


I started by applying the cream face paint all over my face, and waited for it to dry, then applied more. I just wanted to get rid of any colour from my face so I looked, well, dead – just like any good zombie should. Lets be honest I look pretty terrifying already.


I then started applying the eye shadow colours around my eyes. Starting with the lighter colours like the yellows and the green and building the darker ones around the sockets to create a sunken appearance – much like the morning after a cracking all nighter.


Once your happy with your skin colour (and you’ve blended the eyes shadows a little better than I did) you can add the PVA glue to any place you want to have wounds and sores. I dabbed a little on and left it to dry and then peeled it off, creating lovely flaps of skin! I would have done more of this but I was a bit pushed for time! If you want to create a deeper looking wound try adding some dark eye shadow or eyeliner to the middle of the wound, before smearing in fake blood. I also added the vaseline to around the eyes, for a more greasy, unwashed appearance.





Now here’s the fun bit, chucking some fake blood in the mix. The stuff I got was quite thick which was a nice surprise as it was much easily to manipulate. I added to my wounds and around my mouth to create that “just been eating” look. So chic. Much brains.

All topped off with some olive oil added to my hair, cos zombies ain’t got time for showers!



I’m no expert and just thought it would be fun to share this with you. If you have any tips of your own, for creating a cheap and gruesome Halloween look, then please leave a comment down below, I’d love to try some more out!


Happy Halloween guys!


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