De Nada – Chorlton

A firm favourite in my Chorlton dining circuit is De Nada. A South American cafe bar with a relaxed atmosphere, cosy surroundings, friendly staff –  and some great artwork too.


We took a pew outside on a brisk Friday evening and supped up a couple frosty beers whilst we perused the menu.




We ordered a mixture of snacks and small plates, I’m a big fan of dipping and sharing everyone’s dishes and De Nada is perfect for this with it’s tapas style set-up.


Empanadas to start, little pastie pockets filled with a range of ingredients, we went for mushroom and spinach and the lamb and aubergine. Beautifully tender fillings and cracking pastry!


Choripan to follow, that’s one big old sausage! So juicy and topped with delicious home-made chimichurri traditonally made from finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white vinegar. I could eat it all day long!


Feijoada, a classic black bean, pork and chorizo stew, a proper hearty dish, very warming on an Autumnal evening.


And to finish Moqueca, a Brazilian seafood stew which was so good I scoffed the lot and forgot to take a photo until it was too late – oopsy.


Afterwards we took a stroll down the road for some dessert at Oasis Ice Cream.





Mint choc chip for him, caramel for me!

If you haven’t been to De Nada yet please go on down if you get the chance, it really is a unique place and you can feel the passion the owners have for the food they are serving. I feel it’s one of those little Manchester gems that I just keep coming back to!


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