Double Zero – Chorlton


We all already know about my sordid love affair with pizza. One of my new favourite local joints has taken it to a whole new level. Double Zero on Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton takes things back to basics – proper tasty ingredients, freshly baked pizza bases all cooked traditionally in a flaming hot oven at the back of the restaurant. Things got emotional – dare I say it, but this might be the best pizza restaurant in Manchester.

We went early evening on a Sunday, I’d been before on a Friday night and as you’d expect, it was absolutely rammed, this time it was a much more laid back vibe, much to my relief. You bring your own booze to Double Zero and you’ll be charged 10% corkage – which is fair enough. There’s a Co-op just opposite where you can stock up. We got some ales to go with our pizzas. I’ve been enjoying the Co-op’s honey beer recently and it went surprisingly well with the food.We took our seats outside, it was a gorgeous evening and it can get very hot inside the restaurant on account of the pizza oven!

I took some pictures of the menu as I couldn’t find a website for Double Zero and thought it might be useful for you!
double-zero-pizza-menu P1080683 double-zero-chorlton-pizza-menu P1080685


We went straight in for the main event – the pizzas! All brought to our table super quick, as the menu states all pizza are cooked at 450 degrees and only take 60-90 secs in their wood-burning brick oven until they’re ready – that’s some hot, hot pizza.

The Contadina


The Formaggio (with ham)


The Calzone 00

P1080690 P1080692 P1080693 P1080694 P1080696

It’s safe to say that all four of us polished off our plates. I’d highly recommend a visit to Double Zero, it does get busy – go on a lazy Sunday and grab a table outside like we did, do some people watching, it’s a great spot for it. The pizza may come out fast but take your time and enjoy it – I’ll be back there very soon!


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