Visiting Bergen


We embarked onto our train at Oslo station and settled in for a long journey across the width of Norway to our next destination – Bergen. The train journey was incredible with some spectacular views as is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful train journeys you can take in Europe. Sadly our camera battery was running desperately low but I managed to catch this snap on my phone.


Bergen’s an amazing old town, which is known for both fishing, import, export and for being the main port of call for cruise ships that venture up the Fjords which are all dotted up the west coast of Norway.

We arrived quite late at night around 10pm and made our way to our new lodgings, which again we found through Air BnB. We stayed with a lovely couple called Håkon and Anders – they made us feel very welcome and their apartment was fantastic and brilliantly located just 10 mins walk from Bergen train station.


On our first day we took a wander around the fish market, a very popular destination with tourist, where all manner of seafood was on offer.

We then toddled off to the Leprosy Museum which our hosts had told us about. It sounded so unusual I couldn’t resist a visit. Bergen was essentially a hub for Leprosy research between 1850 and 1900 it was an international capital of leprosy, with three leprosy hospitals and the largest concentration of patients in Europe. This museum used to be a hospital that housed many of the poor individuals that suffered from the debilitating disease.




The next day we walked up Mount Fløyen, which took about an hour and caught the funicular back down, there were some spectacular views.

mount floyen bergen

We then had a great traditional meal at The Penguin, a popular Bergen bar filled with local beer and locally sourced food – try the fish mash!(PLUKKFISK)
We then went for a quick evening stroll along the harbour whilst the sunset. The perfect end to our time in Bergen and Norway. I’d go back tomorrow if I could!



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