The Lonely Ski Lodge


The following morning, making the most of the warm weather, we decided to explore the forest surrounding our cabin. We took off up the old ski run and followed the winding path through thick woodland.


Eventually we chanced upon an old dirt crossroads and pondered on where to turn next.

signs-norwayOur host Thove had told us about the old church at Enebakk,  it’s over 900 years old, so we decided to head on over and check it out. Carrying on down the dirt road we came across a few abandoned buildings and decided to have a quick look inside.

abandoned house







We could only assume as it was so near the ski run that it was an abandoned lodge set-up for weary skiers in the winter months. Needless to say I wasn’t keen on sticking around for too long as I’m a bit of a wuss and I’ve seen one too many horror movies to know you shouldn’t hang around these kinda places for ages. Further discoveries up the path only fuelled my over-active imagination as we stumbled across some police tape (!)

But soon we arrived in Enebakk village, we wandered up to the church to discover it was only open from 12-2pm! So we settled for a mooch around the outside.

enebakk church

Undeterred we caught the bus back along the main road and grabbed our swimming gear for a final dip in another near by lake.





 – super relaxed we headed back for a big sleep –  ready for the busy city of Oslo. But that’s another story……


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