Arriving In Enebakk

You may be asking yourself, what is a blog called The Manchester Tart doing writing about Norway? It has nothing to do with Manchester! Well you’d be right, it doesn’t. But it is well within easy reach of it. Not only was I surprised but albeit delighted to discover that with a quick and cheap Ryanair flight (£25.99) from Manchester Airport I could be in Norway in 1 hour and 20mins. Surely that sort of information deserves sharing especially when you find out what’s waiting for you on the other end – ladies and gentlemen, come with me to Norway.

cabin in norway

We arrived at our cabin in the woods at around 3pm, having caught an early flight out and popping to a supermarket once we’d landed. One of the things I be warned about when planning the trip to Norway was how expensive everything was but with some smart shopping and going easy on the booze you can get along in Norway just fine.

We found our beautiful secluded cabin on AirBnB, and it was perfectly situated about halfway between the airport and Oslo – it was ideal for us as we wanted to experience both the amazing views the countryside had to offer but also embrace the culture and buzz of Oslo.

On our first day we got acquainted with our surroundings and explored what was to be our home for the next few blissful days.


cabin-norwaycabin-norway2We meet our brilliant host Thove and she invited us for a walk in the woods, which were almost immediately behind the cabin. In the woods we found blueberries, cranberries and chanterelle mushrooms, which we picked and saved for later.

chanterelle mushroom

Thove was an expert at identifying the chanterelles, so I didn’t feel worried about eaten them – but only pick wild mushrooms if you’re absolutely sure what they are! There’s some nasty ones out there that can make you very poorly – but they’re still very pretty to look at!


Having had quite an early start we settled in for a cabin-cooked meal and an early night, ready for tomorrow’s adventures…. more on that in the next post – hope you can join me!



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