Manchester Comic Con 2015


Last weekend we toddled off to Manchester Comic Con. I’d never been before but it was filled to the brim with amazing stalls, merchandise, comic book artists and special guests from TV and film.


We all piled into Manchester Central, luckily we’d bagged priority tickets so we didn’t have to queue for that long. There were some incredible cosplay going on, the amount of time some people must have put into their costumes was truly amazing.


I really enjoyed watching the comic book artists at work, it was amazing watching them create characters right in front of you.







The Steam Punk stall also had some great pieces in it. If you want to go and see more Steam Punk you can get them out in Lincoln on the bank holiday weekend. Sadly I won’t be able to attend as I’m on holiday but you can check out their website here for more info:

I also picked up a few treats for myself, some Adventure Time badges, new comics from Accent UK and a really rubbish Jabba the Hut. So bad it’s good!




What did you get up to at the weekend?


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